What makes Summerville Unique?

Young 3’s Program

This class is designed for young three year olds turning 3 in May-December of the new school year. Based on feedback from experienced teachers and parents, it is a shared belief that children who are older in their grade, especially around middle school, tend to be more confident, more independent, and more socially mature. Therefore, by participating in an extra year of preschool, they will enter kindergarten with the necessary skills to meet the increasing expectations of primary school. To see see all available classes see our Registration & Hours page.

Two’s Program

In addition to programs for three and four year-olds, SNS offers programs for two year-olds. We offer one two year-old class that meets twice a week. It can accomodate up to eight students. To see see available classes see our Registration & Hours page.


Tuition assitance scholarships are available to families each year. Many have benefited from this feature. To apply, simply request a scholarship application from the registrar.

Large outdoor playground

The playground features some old time favorites (slides, swings, etc.), including a hill for summertime rolling and wintertime sledding. The hill creates some fond memories for our children!


Summerville Nursery School has been open since 1959! Some of our current parents are Summerville Alumni! All of our teachers are trained and hold degrees in Early Childhood Education. To learn more about our teachers check out our Staff & Faculty page.

Flexible Options

SNS offers low, medium, and high levels of parental participation in the school. We respond to the needs of families through our annual parent evaluation of the school.

Fun! Friendly! Safe!

Come see us in action! Visit a class in session and then join our community where your family can grow together!