Registration forms for 2018-2019 School Year are here!

Young Three’s Class!

This class is designed for young three year olds turning 3 in May-December of the new school year. Based on feedback from experienced teachers and parents, it is a shared belief that children who are older in their grade, especially around middle school, tend to be more confident, more independent, and more socially mature. Therefore, by participating in an extra year of preschool, they will enter kindergarten with the necessary skills to meet the increasing expectations of primary school. The class is a small group setting with 8 children, one teacher, and one parent assistant. The class will meet twice a week for 2.5 hours. The teacher will provide a nurturing learning environment that fosters the social, emotional, and cognitive development of the young three year old. Upon completion of this class, students would move to the Three’s class then on to the Four/Five class. Please note that spots in Four-Five’s class are limited and will be filled with students from the Three’s class first.

There is currently not a 1’s class. All classes require classroom assisting. Partial Assist* is available for all classes except for the Two Year Old class.

Explanation of Classroom Assisting

We have three excellent teachers who offer the children age appropriate learning experiences. Other adults must accompany the teacher during each class to facilitate the class plan, maintain our excellent ratio, and nurture the children. These other adults act in the role of a teacher’s aide, and are known as classroom assistants. It is the parents or designee (rotating on a schedule) who fill this role.

FULL-ASSIST: These are families who can do all of their own classroom assisting. The approximate number of assists per year will depend on the class size and/or class need. A general guide for full enrollment is:

  • Twos…….4-5
  • Threes..12-13
  • Fours….12-15

*PARTIAL-ASSIST: These are families who want to “buy out” of some of their assists. They can pay $100 which will enable an aide to be hired for 4 assists; the family will be responsible for the remaining assists, as well as the snack if scheduled. More than 4 assists may also be purchased.

Working Committee and Position Descriptions

As cooperative school, Summerville Nursery School requires that each family help run the school by volunteering to do a job. Download the Working Committee Job Descriptions to learn more.