The Summerville Nursery School Board consists of Parents and Staff at SNS. All Summerville Parents are welcome to attend any Full Board meeting. Please join us in the Memorial Lounge (on the first floor) at Summerville Presbyterian Church at 7:00 pm.

If you are interested in becoming a board member at SNS please contact our Committees Chairperson.

If you are on the board and are unable to attend a meeting, please have a member of your committee attend for you. Also, please notify the chairperson of any absences.

Agenda items need to be submitted to Christine Penner via email,, by the Sunday prior to meeting date.


2012 – 2013 SNS Board Meeting Schedule

June 5, 2012 Full Board Snack:
August 7, 2012 Executive Board Snack: Beardsley
September 25, 2012 Full Board Snack: O’Connor/Roj
October 16, 2012 Executive Board Snack: Stahl
November 6, 2012 Full Board Snack: Debes/Ostrander
December 4, 2012 Executive Board Snack: Penner
January 8, 2013 Full Board Snack: Pier/Blakely
February 5, 2013 Executive Board Snack: Budd
March 5, 2013 Full Board Snack: Morales/Heutmaker
April 2, 2013 Executive Board Snack: Jaeger
May 7, 2013 Full Board Snack: Spitz/McClenathan
June 4, 2013 Full Board Snack: Rock/Penner

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2012 – 2013 SNS School Board

Chair Christine Penner
Vice Chair Position is OPEN
Committees Chair Jim Rock
Registrar Carolyn Stahl
Secretary Sara Jaeger
Treasurer Tricia Budd
Family Events Chair Tabitha O’Conner
Publicity Chair April Debes
Fundraising Chair Melinda Pier
Work Committee Co-Chairs Christina & Matt Carey
Webmaster Jenna Morales


SNS Board News
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